Draws manager - 'successful' configurations #drawsmanager #draws-manager

Art - KC7SDA

I figured that people might benefit from having a 'storage place' or 'starting place' for draws manager settings for SPECIFIC radios. I did a little digging and found how to modify the list through code to get new radios added to the list.

Want to add to this list? heres what I'd like to see:
- radio make/model
- TYPE of connection (ie are you connecting through a mic connection or through a data port/acc port)
- all settings from the draws manager window
  + input pin
  + input analog gain
  + output analog gain
  + output digital gain

here are the settings I'm going to be trying for my ic-706mkii:
rig: icom ic-706mkii
connection: mic connector (will test accessory port later, mic connector is a LOT faster)
- input: pin 5
- input gain: 7.5
- output analog: -6
- output digital: -14

and once I figure it is actually working (and after i've fine tuned it) I'll make a preset for it like this:

        "negresistor":"10 kOhm",
        "comments":"test for kc7sda"

which can then be added into the radios.json file!

Thanks to the developers for making it easy to add to the presets! this is going to be soooo much easier to do now!

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