Re: JS8 and draws

Basil Gunn

There is a new script in n7nix/bin/ that can be used in the
JS8Call radio configuration PTT command. It is used like this:

# For left connector -l on -l off
# Display state of ptt gpio -l -c

# For right connector -r on -r off
# Display state of ptt gpio -r -c

# To display all command line options -h

# To install
cd n7nix
git pull
cd config

# Assuming left connector is used, this is what the JS8Call PTT command
would look like: -l %1


John D Hays - K7VE <@john_hays> writes:

Jordan says " There is GPIO support via an external PTT script. You
can learn more in the "Radio (CAT and PTT control)" section of the
documentation: https://docs.
159S4wqMUVdMA7qBgaSWmU- iDI4C9wd4CuWnetN68O9U/edit#
heading=h.5xqo9txkzgxf " (

Jordan / KN4CRD"

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