Re: JS8 and draws


My current audio settings are
 ===== ALSA Controls for Radio Transmit =====
LO Driver Gain  L:[-6.00dB] R:[-6.00dB]
PCM         L:[-25.00dB] R:[-25.00dB]
DAC Playback PT L:[PTM_P3] R:[PTM_P1]
LO Playback CM [Full Chip CM]
 ===== ALSA Controls for Radio Receive =====
ADC Level L:[0.00dB] R:[0.00dB]
IN1 L:[Off] R:[Off]
IN2 L:[10 kOhm] R:[10 kOhm]
CM L:[10 kOhm] R:[10 kOhm]

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