Re: Getting started with paclink-unix

Basil Gunn

If your password has upper & lower case letters then you need to get the
latest version of paclink-unix.

cd /usr/local/src/paclink-unix
git pull

Also verify that the password in file:


is exactly the same as the one you are using in Winlink Express.

Please send me a Winlink message when you have things working:


Keith Williamson <> writes:


I have the Beta 13 image installed and did the core configuration. Tested
direwolf, fldigi, and rigctl successfully. This morning, I configured
paclink-unix via " plu". This completed successfully. On a Win
laptop, I had installed Winlink Express just for the purposes of creating
and validating my Winlink credentials. That all worked fine and I have sent
and received a few messages via the telnet interface.

During the PLU config, I supplied the user (KF7DRV) and password from
Winlink Express. However, when I run "wl2ktelnet", I get "secure login
failure" along with "B2 protocol error 1":

[image: image.png]

I have verified that my "wl2k-password" in /usr/local/etc/wl2k.conf matches
Winlink Express.

Any ideas why this is failing?


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