Re: Getting started with paclink-unix

Basil Gunn

Keith Williamson <> writes:

Hi Nigel,
Actaully Basil but I will answer to that as well.
(Nigel Bruce, Basil Rathbone, Sherlock Holmes)

More headway but some hiccups. First the headway:

I edited the grid locator in and ran " -l".
The list then showed that w7ecg-10 was closest to me. I successfully sent a
message using "wl2kax25 -c w7ecg-10"! Woo hoo!
Woo hoo indeed!
I also use to get the list of gateways to check.

Usage: ./ <integer_distance_in_miles> <maidenhead_grid_square>

Now the hiccups:

1) I have a message that's stuck in the outbox
(/usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox). Each time I run either wl2kax25 or
wl2ktelnet, it's resent successfully to my gmail account. When I run
"", I get "permissions OK: pi:mail" and "1 files in outbox". I
originally created the message using Claws mail. Is it OK to just delete
the file from /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox? Don't want to do that if there is
some meta data in another file tracking it.
Yes you can safely delete any file in /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox
You should then delete the message ID data base

Be sure you do that as user (ie. pi) & not root.

Is this a possible symptom of a configuration problem?

2) When I run " -g CN88tu", I am seeing an error from rigctl
for the set memory index command (E 35).
Yep. That is something I need to fix. Memory index 35 is my 2m aprs
memory location. I just need any 2M memory location that has been
programmed. This is due to the hack required to change bands (2M/440)
for the TM-V71a rig control.

In look for the line: set_memchan_index 35 and change 35
to what ever 2M digital frequency memory index is programmed in your

Also you should program the two 440 frequencies into your memory so they
can be accessed via memory location instead of VFO.
K7KCA-10 440125000 32 1200 (in Lopez Village)
AE7LW-10 440950000 33 9600

Although, they are far enough away you will probably not be able to hit
them unless you live on a mountain.

If I run rigctl, I can do set
memory index commands for any of the memory channels I have written to
using Chirp but not memory channels that haven't been set to anything. So
far, I programmed the first 20 memory channels with Chirp. So, "rigctl -m
234 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -E 20" will work but "rigctl -m 234 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -E
35" fails. I imagine a workaround would be for me to program something into
channel 35 using Chirp (or directly from the radio), and that may fix that.
I'll try that next but wanted you to be aware of the issue. I just got this
radio but I imagine your V71a's have had many more channels previously
programmed so you might not have seen this issue. It would seem that once
the set memory index issue is fixed, the wlgw-check script should work.
When I did run it I could see it was changing the V71a frequency and
transmitting so I think we're really close.
When I run using your gridsquare, 3 RMS gateways come up that
I control.
So there is an assumption that you are connecting to 1200 baud
Gateways. Just an FYI it is possible to change to 9600 baud on the fly
as well. I need to spend some time to test that out.


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