Re: paclink-unix incoming messages

Basil Gunn

Looks like you missed my follow up message from around noon today..have
rainloop working fine.
Yes I was off island yesterday (I live on an island with ferry service)
running around so no computer/ham time.

Also emailed you at your winlink address from rainloop when I got it
Excellent! Saw the message & replied.

This DRAWS image is awesome.
Thanks. It is set up to do a moose load of stuff.

Final step is to get K-9 Mail configured on my Android devices.
I have notes on this some where. I'll look for them.

Also thinking I need to write a script to run via cron (a variation of that will run wl2ktelnet if Internet is available and
otherwise will try wl2kax25 to each of a prioritized list of RMS gateways
(calling rigctl to setup the radio prior to each attempt).
Sounds good. Happy to hear you are mucking around with the scripts.


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