Re: direwolf frame size #direwolf #ax25

John Spoonhower

Basil, and others,
I occasionally see these or similar errors (premature disconnects) at my Winlink RMS, NX2I-10. Other users reported the problem but without a lot of additional information. I have been experimenting with different file sizes as attachments. The problem for me occurs when file sizes are greater than 5K and typically in the 9-12K range. My test setup uses a Winlink Express client (current rev.) on a PC (Win 7) with Direwolf 1.5. The server is a Raspberry Pi3 with a UDRC-II and Direwolf 1.4. The Pi has an earlier version of compass as the OS distribution. Any guidance regarding what/where to look would be appreciated. 
John, NX2I

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