Re: Strange Behavior

Basil Gunn

Radio: FT-891
Do you have the cable from the DRAWS board plugged into the back of your
radio? ie. from the wsjtx doc

"Choose Data/Pkt if your radio offers such an option and uses it to
enable the rear-panel audio line input."

I think Data Mode: USB uses the microphone & speaker outputs so I
wouldn't use that.

Have you tried Data Mode: None
This prevents wsjtx from changing your radio mode setting.

Use the script to verify you are able to send a tone
out your radio. ie. Use a second radio tuned to the transmit frequency
of the first radio. Get this working first as it is basic functionality
you can build on.



WSJT-X set to "Data Mode: USB" gives me decode and "open mic". I can not
transmit successfully in this setting. PTT opens, but no carrier/signal is
sent. I can tell this by my external signal meter not moving, the SWR
meter on the radio doesn't move and the tuner doesn't budge.

WSJT-X set to "Data Mode: Data/PKT" gives me lousy decode, maybe 1 or 2 per
cycle instead of the normal amount of a "screenful". PTT opens, carrier
and signal are sent. SWR meter bounces, external signal meter moves and
the tuner will tune if the radio is out of range.

You can see the difference in these two modes in the waterfall pic I sent

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