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Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>

All very good answers so far.  But since you specifically asked for my opinion, I guess I should oblige...

HAM is "A hobby of a thousand hobbies", so even though your radio has a built in sound card, and wasn't really built for mobile operation... DRAWS might be a "cheap" GPS option.  With the capabilities this Hat offers, the community might offer better features in the future that you can't live without.

For me, I'm looking to build out a mobile station with "DC to Daylight" and all the apps that go with it.  Eventually I'd like to do APRS, FLDigi for transmitting both data and files, chase satellites and even some CW in the park.

If you find value in using the Pi platform for Rig Control and WSJT-X digital modes only, then you probably won't need the DRAWS hat.

I can't really even begin to list off all the things that could be explored through this platform.  Would be great if there was an open Wiki were we could contribute some documentation and experiences.  How long would the list be?

I already own a signalink and I got the hat to use in place of the signalink... but in my defense, none of the radios I own have a built in soundcard.

On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 11:26 AM Tim Huffaker <thuffaker@...> wrote:
Thank you for your video. It makes light work to back up your RPI.  

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