Re: Question HW and SW

Basil Gunn

Hi Markus,

I believe the script does what you want. Instead of
playing the tone WAV file, point the aplay line at the appropriate audio
file. The script takes care of turning on/off PTT for left/right mDin6
connector used.

If you just want a simple script to control PTT then please check


Markus <> writes:

Hello community,

I have a question whether such a constellation would work?

Linux -- RPI -- UDRC HAT -- (Radio equipment)


(Radio equipment) -- UDRC HAT -- RPI -- Linux

How the radio equipment would wire now with the HAT UDRC?
I would like to make a BASH script from the console an send some text.
As software MINIMODEM is supposed to run the tool.

Software steps in the Script:

- Text convert to WAV (audio file)
- wait
- push the PTT
- wait
- play Audio

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