Re: Question HW and SW


Hi Jim.

The one with the Python and your weather station goes in the same direction. My goal is to transmit in Bash or Python.
I'm here about the combination between the HAT and the radio. Thank you.

Greetings Markus

okiejim <kd6vpe@...> hat am 24. Juni 2019 um 17:54 geschrieben:

This sounds like my weather voice system. The second radio is a ctually a repeater and no need for the second rpi or udrc. It converted the text from a weather station to wav file and sent them over the radio to the repeater. I have just now started re-coding it for the DrawsHat in Python. It will take some time as I am not dedicated to it just wanted to play around, and get it running again. I originally wrote it in visual basic on windows. Keep us informed. When I get going on it I will post something here. I have a dtmf decoder I used but hope to incorporate direwolf to reduce the hardware requirments. The DTMF was what triggered the weather report to go out to the repeater.

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