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I haven't had a chance to play with it yet and thus have not configured it.

From a high level, you should be able to use DRAWS™ for piardopc.  

You would configure the sound to use the ALSA sound channels (left or right) or install pulse audio and be able to select the left or right channel from it.  See: 

Based on this document, you should be able to activate PTT on GPIO 12 ( -c GPIO=12) or 23 ( -c GPIO=23) depending which DIN connector you are using.

Use the DRAWS™ Manager tool to set levels, if using ALSA raw left and right. See

Schematic and pinout is at

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I posted this in the main group but maybe that was the wrong place.

Is it possible to run piardopc by John Wiseman with the DRAWS hat? If so, what startup parameters would I use?

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