Re: Raspberry Pi 4

Basil Gunn

While Anna's tlv320aic32x4 driver for DRAWS is in Raspbian kernel
4.19.50, all of her i2c timer patches are not yet in this kernel. From

Check this directory for a clock entry marked as i2c_div in the output

I've done some preliminary testing with Raspbian 4.19.50 as well and so
far I haven't come across anything but be aware that all of Anna's
recent patches have not made it into the current Raspbian kernel.

/Basil n7nix

LA9KOA - Karl <> writes:

Annaliese's driver is included in kernel 4.19.50 that is shipped with Rasbian Buster.

Sound and GPS on DRWS HAT confirmed working.
See LA4RHA Lars' post for his worklog of how he set up his RPi4 with DRAWS.

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