What am I missing?


Running JS8Call and monitoring on a station in the adjacent town via VNC. Remote station is ~15 miles away. Operating on 40M.
Yaesu 857D
Before I moved to the DRAWS unit, I ran a test with my primary pi with signalink. Remote station shows -03db SNR.

Now for the DRAWS unit:
If I turn the analog/digital gain down to where there is little/no ALC showing on the meter, nothing is heard on the remote station. I have to turn up the analog/digital gain to where ALC is half before being heard (-16db SNR) and then there is splatter all over the band. I have tried moving the sliders all over in DRAWS manager and playing with digital gain on the radio itself. All to no avail. There has to be something I either don't know or am overlooking. I have never seen this with any other soundcard that I have worked with. What am I missing?


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