Re: Failure activating AX25, need help to fix #draws #direwolf #a25

David Nussdorfer <davesworld06@...>

Thanks for replying Basil.

The instructions do not call for a play -l until configuring the sound card.  The instructions link you posted is the one I used twice to configure the Draws Hat on a rPi 3b.

I ran the ax25-start, then ax25-status and ax25-status -d per the instructions on a fresh install and got the errors in my first post.  Both attempts were connected to a FT-857d, using my wireless connection found by the ifconfig command.

I used the image labeled draws-beta13.img, and received my Draws Hat on July 6th.  On another rPi with a Signalink USB (without the Hat), I had no problems setting up Direwolf.

Dave Nussdorfer WD4VE

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