Re: Using the DRAWS hat with a Raspberry Pi 4 #draws #yaac #install #js8call #replacecompass

LA9KOA - Karl

FYI: While you are waiting for your RPi4 to arrive, you still prepare a SDcard with Raspbian Buster (the new version needed for RPi4) on an older RPi.
I followed LA4RHA, Lars' guide (and hopefully helped a tiny bit) on a RPi3b+
Today my shiny new RPi4 arrived. I moved the DRAWS hat and SDcard over to the new RPi4 and was up and running before I could even find the right input on my TV to watch the first boot !

- I got an new IP by DHCP since the hardware MAC address change on the new unit. Other than that, everything seem to be working. Now I have to do some testing on the air. Think I'll start with my FT-817 and JS8call on 40m. :)

In other news Debian Buster was released this weekend. This is now the new "stable" release. 
How will this affect the DRAWS ecosystem? 


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