Re: Failure activating AX25, need help to fix #draws #direwolf #a25

David Nussdorfer <davesworld06@...>

I had a PIJuice hat between the Draws Hat and the rPi 3b. text showed that I was missing the UDRC radio.  I placed the Draws Hat onto another rPi without the PIJuice hat, and the UDRC radio showed by rerunning the script.

I can confirm that using a PIJuice hat between the rPi and the Draws hat does not work.  Something on the I2C bus must be interfering with the UDRC?

Next step: redo the SD card to a fresh rebuild and try loading the software again.  Why? There are errors that must have occured during the initial setup on the missing UDRC were not captured.

David Nussdorfer

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