Re: DRAWS on Pi 3b+ with Raspbian Buster #draws

LA9KOA - Karl

Hi, Jon

I actually did a fresh install of Buster on a RPi3b+ while I was waiting for my RPi4 to arrive. So it is possible to run Buster on RPi3.
(RPi4 require Buster to boot, but the setup of Buster should be the same regardless of running on RPi3 or 4. I was able to just move the SD card over to my the RPi4 when it arrived)

The boot config can be a bit tricky. The lines need to be in the right order.
The drivers in Buster are already patched to work with DRAWS. However some of the scripts under n7nix/ are not updated for this, so if run they will move the in-kernel drivers out but not be able to build new drivers.
If this happened to you, you should see two driver files under /home/pi/tmp/ 

All this from memory. I will update with a copy of my boot config and exact name of the drivers when I get home. If noone else beat me to it :)


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