Re: DRAWS on Pi 3b+ with Raspbian Buster #draws

LA9KOA - Karl

Lars is faster than me :)

If someone get a similar problem with RPi4, you should note that there are two variants of the kernel involved.

RPi3 by default boot the -v7+ variant that Lars refers above.
RPi4 use the -v7l+ variant (the difference is the lowercase LIMA)

The name of the modules are the same, but the path to the modules is different. 
When I moved mye SD card with Buster from a RPi3 to a RPi4 it automagically chose the right kernel.

Jon, I hope you get some help from all this. You could run `lsmod` and see if the two modules are loaded:
If the modules show up, you could see if there is any relevant info in `dmesg` that can give a clue why sound (and probably GPS) is still not working.

Good luck!


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