Re: Pac-Link account password does not match #pac-link #paclink-unix

Basil Gunn

There was a change make to paclink-unix source after Beta 13 was posted
that fixed a case bug in the Winlink password. The file that changed was

Verify that your password is correct including upper & lower case,
look at line containing: wl2k-password=
cat /usr/local/etc/wl2k.conf

You can verify the version of paclink-unix you are running by:
wl2ktelnet -v

The fix for the password case is in version 0.8
To update to the latest version of paclink-unix do the following:

cd /usr/local/src/paclink-unix
git pull

Test paclink-unix version number has changed to 0.8 by running
wl2ktelnet -v



Send me the console output of the above command.
/Basil n7nix

Kevin K. - N7KJK <> writes:

I'm running a fresh setup of Beta 13.. All the configuration scripts
seem to have worked. I am using a dual band Yaesu FT-7800. I've
successfully connected with wl2kax25 command to a gateway
nearby. Handshake and challenge messages all work. I think I actually
had one successful connection with a check for inbound email. Now all
attempts end with the "secure login failed - account password does not
match" message. I've made several attempts to change my winlink
password update the config file, and even manually specify the
parameter in the command line. No luck.

I've tested the password with send and receive using WinLink on my
Windows 10 PC (telnet Winlink) . Works just fine after updating the
password in configuration.

I am aware that we have to be careful with updates to Beta 13. I was
wondering if there's a safe and/or advisable way to just update
Pac-Link program. I know there were errors regarding the secure
connection passwords is some version of Pac-Link. I'm relatively new
to the PI operating system. Please be very clear and complete with any
instructions. You won't insult my intelligence. :)
Thanks Kevin N7KJK

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