Re: Pac-Link account password does not match #pac-link #paclink-unix

Basil Gunn

Need to see the console output from the wl2kax25 command.
Not sure what you mean by "I've tested both serial ports".
Which mDin6 connector are you using left or right?
Updating paclink-unix will not affect the DRAWS config or radio config
at all.
Verify that the connector used, the port in ax25port= in
/usr/local/etc/wl2k.conf and portname in /etc/ax25/axports match. ie. left port is
udr0, right is udr1

run the script like this:

cd n7nix/debug

/Basil n7nix

Kevin K. - N7KJK <> writes:

succeeded in updating from 0.7 to 0.8.
the w2ktelnet command completed without errors and sent my gmail account three emails successfully via the PI's Internet connection.

Attempts to use the radio results in my transmission, and what I believe is the gateway's response (hearing it on the radio). Unfortunately now the PI isn't receiving the responses as it did with the .7 version.
I've tested both serial ports and tried both the setalsa-default, and the setalsa-ft817 setup files.
Not sure what changed on the receiving end of this.

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