Re: Pac-Link account password does not match #pac-link #paclink-unix

Kevin K. - N7KJK

So when eveyrthing else checks out maybe it's the gateway's problem.  Looks like the system I was talking to yesterday is off line today.
I shopped around for another system and found one on Mercer Is. that answers me.  I think I spent a bunch of time on device settings in Draws Manager when all I had to do is find another gateway system.
I used the 40 mV from the FT-7800 documentation to compute and set Transmit Analog to -6db, digital to -25db.    -2db receive  input pin 5 seems to work.

Thanks for all your help Basil.
I'll send you an email via Winlink.. Then I'm calling it a night.
Tomorrow I'll see if I can get my IC-7000 to cooperate..  :)

Kevin /  N7KJK

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