Re: APRS Messenger

Don--AE4DW <dwinflorida@...>

I own multiple Atomic Pi boards, having joined the kickstarter and then acquiring a couple more later on. I'm not an SBC guru (nor a linux development guru) by any means, but I have no complaints about the board thus far.

From a marketing perspective, putting the "Pi" name in there did them a disservice, as it is in no way a pin for pin replacement for the RPi.

While the hackaday article is a bit over the top, IMHO, its a solid board, but should be understood that its a "repurposed" board, not a ground-up design, so its not like they set out to rival the RPi with an Intel chip. It also explains the whole adapter board controversy and why the board is how it is. It seems like that was the Hackaday beef..that they didn't clearly put it out there that these were boards intended for another application, surplused, and then sold to the kickstarter entrants. To me, that speaks to good business sense, not some deep dark conspiracy and a planned scam. For what its worth, the group running the kickstarter ran one of the most efficient and responsive kickstarters I've ever been involved with.

I'm just becoming acquainted with the DRAW, but at first glance, getting it to work with the APi might be possible, but most definitely not, plug and play.

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