Fans, Pi4, and the DRAWS case

Chris Metcalf

Not to throw a wrench in things, but will there be a provision for adding a fan to the DRAWS case?

I've been experimenting with my Pi4, and unlike the Pi3, it runs quite hot - hot enough that the little Pi3 style heat sinks aren't enough to keep it from going into thermal throttling mode and slowing itself down. This has been documented in early reviews:

I bought a cheap plexiglass "ice cream sandwich" case ( and modded it with taller risers to accommodate my DRAWS hat. But even its open design didn't allow the Pi4 to cool itself when it was loaded up, and I quickly hit 80C and started seeing performance degradation. 

I zip-tied the small fan that came with the case to one of the risers, blowing across my heat sinks, and the temperature quickly dropped down to 40C and stayed there. 

I'd still rather have the protection of the full case, but I'd be worried that it'll turn into a little metal sauna...



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