Re: No WSJT-X transmission with FT-891 #draws #wsjtx #ft-8 #ft-891

Matt N7ROO

Hello Tim,

Sorry about the delay in my response, life took priority!

I've set my width to 3000 Hz and noticed no difference in my ability to send FT8 transmissions between the DRAWS and my radio.

The LAP on the upper left of my radio screen is showing as my LDG Z100 tuner is connected and I believe that the FT891 needs to have the tuner setting (16-15) set to LAMP mode to utilize it. I've attempted to communicate without a tuner as well, but alas, no luck. 

Matt  - N7ROO

On Sat, Jul 20, 2019 at 10:01 AM <AG6RS@...> wrote:

Also make sure your width is set to 3000Hz
I notice on your radio it says LAP on the screen, upper left
Do you have an amp connected?
Maybe try the radio without a tuner or amp connected.

Tim / AG6RS

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