Point to Point (P2P) email transfer #draws

Kevin K. - N7KJK

Hi there, 
So after a lot of help from this Group.. (Thanks again Basil !) I have Winlink email setup.  I'm learning that other than my email address (N7KJK@...) I'm not really using Winlink software.  I have both Claws, and Rainloop working as the email client. I tune my radio to the proper frequency for a nearby gateway, then I call it with  wl2kax25 -c {callsign of gateway}. There's a modem style handshake process then the gateway accepts my outbound message(s) to whomever, and then checks with Winlink.org on my behalf for anything addressed to me. Works like a charm.  This is all dependent on the Gateway having an Internet connection.   I'm laying this out very simply in hopes that someone really new is helped out by this brief run down.

So now after a bunch of searching here and on the Internet I'd like figure out Packet P2P.. The scenario is I compose an email to some other Winlink address , but instead of a gateway I know that person has their computer and radio on (and I know the frequency), and I'd like to send the email directly to that station.  I'm trying to figure out how I would do this.
In Winlink Express there's a specific session option for  "Packet P2P"  I just need to emulate that.  I'd also like to be the station waiting for inbound email.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.
Kevin / N7KJK

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