Re: Fans, Pi4, and the DRAWS case

Steve Stroh

It's a personal perspective, but I don't want a fan on an appliance
like a DRAWS. Fans are noisy. They suck dust in and spray it all over
the board. They're non-static hardware that will inevitably fail.

I hope to build up my DRAWS units as (silent) appliances, and tack
them up and out of the way on a shelf, or wall, or ??? and access them

The extra power (and the 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM) of the RPi4 is nice, and
I plan to have at least a couple, probably as standalone workstations,
but on the DRAWS, I haven't seen / heard / read anything that
indicates that the additional power of the RPi4 would be of any
benefit to a DRAWS unit above and beyond what the RPi3 does. Thus, the
RPi3 which doesn't need a fan, is preferable to the RPi4, which does
seem to need a fan, for use on DRAWS.



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And yes fans are under consideration
Steve Stroh (personal / general):

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