Re: Fans, Pi4, and the DRAWS case

Chris Metcalf

FWIW, the “Pi-Fan” brand fan that came with my case is _extremely_ quiet and can barely be heard even from a foot or two away.

A big passive heat sink could possibly help, but the “hat” standard makes that difficult since the hat sits right on top of the Pi and doesn’t leave much room for a heat sink. Perhaps a later generation case could include a riser or some sort of heat pipe system to dissipate heat outside the case.

Key learning though is that it looks like the Pi4 is impractical without some sort of cooling for the CPU. I’ve still got my 3B+ and may reconsider it if the power and cooling requirements are too high, but right now I’m _loving_ the extra memory and CPU. 

Chris Metcalf

On July 31, 2019 at 2:47:43 PM, Jeff NE1U (jwalden@...) wrote:

I like the idea of not having to have a fan ... maybe. lol

Orienting heat sink fins vertical and given that warm air flows up, makes the best use of passive cooling. Can you tell that I am an engineer? Apologies. Probably good that there be a little air space around below and above the heatsink. 

On the other hand, the specs for fans include the dB noise level and a very quiet low speed fan can greatly improve heat exchange in any orientation. Just read the specs and investigate.

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