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Kevin K. - N7KJK

Thanks Basil, 
So I've read the MAN pages for both wl2kax25d and ax25d.  Somewhat illuminating..

A friend of mine tried to connect using both N7KJK,  and N7KJK-10 (my Winlink Gateway address).
He tried these both as Packet P2P, and Packet WinLink.  He only had one connection using the callsign with SSID.  It didn't accept of send email and he had to force the disconnect.

I think I am beginning to understand how to control this.  So Here's my new configuration of ax25d.conf.
My radio is connected to the DIN port farthest away from the GPS sma antenna port.  I see traffic (beacons) all day long (mostly with invalid or Unknown APRS Type Indicator.. (no big deal).

My assumption is that if a station is trying to call me with my SSID they are treating my PI as an RMS-Gateway.  I send their traffic through to the gateway software.
If the station is trying to call me without the SSID they are attempting Packet P2P and local email will be forwarded as indicated in the man page.

[N7KJK-10 VIA udr1]
NOCALL   * * * * * *  L
default  * * * * * *  - rmsgw /usr/local/bin/rmsgw rmsgw -P %d %U
[N7KJK VIA udr1]
NOCALL   * * * * * *  L
default  * * * * * *  - gunn /usr/local/bin/wl2kax25d wl2kax25d -c %U -a %d

The version I was running during the test had N7KJK-10 listening on udr0.  I don't have a second radio listening on that port but the hand off to rmsgw was given the wrong port so my station didn't reply properly.

So my friend will test again tomorrow.   I'll update this thread success of failure so we have info to share with others.

Next on my punch list is to get this to beacon periodically like other stations do...
Kevin / N7KJK

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