New Draws Case - RPi4 and RPi3

Frank Ivan

I have uploaded a new 3D printable DRAWS case to Thingiverse

This is a case for Raspberry Pi 3b or Raspberry Pi 4b + NWDR DRAWS hat with GPS port on side.
It is a modification of RPi3 DRAWS case by N0KZ.

SCAD file provided so you can help tune the design
STL files for both Raspberry Pi 3b or Raspberry Pi 4b - print your choice
Has a powerpole power port
Nice fit for DRAWS card
Rounded corners
Machine screws into card spacers hold case together

4 M2.5 x 8mm hex socket head machine screws (8mm does not include head)
4 M2.5 x 11mm female to female spacers
4 M2.5 x 25mm hex socket head machine screws

Clean out screw holes - 7/64 or 3mm bit does it nicely
Install Powerpole connector - maybe use a bit of thin double stick tape or super glue to hold in place
Install DRAWS card in lid. It's a close fit but should not be difficult
Push M2.5 x 25mm screws in holes and secure with spacers - finger tight
Plug Pi into DRAWS card - make sure it is aligned correctly and pins go into correct holes
Install base
Secure with the 4 M2.5 x 8mm screws
Tighten every thing up with allen wrench

The Raspberry Pi 4b runs hotter than the Raspberry Pi 3B so the next enhancement
should probably be a fan, perhaps sandwich a POE board with its fan between the
Pi and the DRAWS hat.

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