Re: Point to Point (P2P) email transfer #draws

Kevin K. - N7KJK

OK so the reinstall fixed the PLUWEB.. Thanks..

On the P2P Packet.  My friend and I are now reliably handshaking, and it appears we're transferring messages.  I'm sending to his plain call sign (no @domain) and he's sending to my call sign. 
He reported the following information to me.
 n7kjkpi.localnet says it could not deliver my message, msg "unknown user k7rmz@...
I am of course N7KJK.  Not sure where that email address at the end of his report is coming from . 

In RainLoop I can't compose a message to him because it requires @domain  in the email address.
Claws lets me compose an email to the call sign.  (all messages show up in the Sent items folder even before I try to send). 

Somehow while typing this reply,  my friend sent me an email directly (no gateway) addressed to N7KJK@.....
Not sure how that worked...

I think something similar to the issue with my email address instead of pi@localhost.  My system doesn't know what to do with a message addressed to N7KJK  (no ssid, no domain, no @)


I can send whatever log segments might help .  I'll just not sure which one's you want to see.  I'll certainly update this thread if I find some interesting information.


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