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Kevin K. - N7KJK

I think there in lies some of the confusion.
The receiving end isn't configured the same way. 
They're not using a DRAWS .  (not sure exactly what digital components (physical and/or software) they're using.
He indicated that Packet P2P had to have the messages addressed to the call sign -  sans
With this information we'll run some more tests.
since I'm receiving email with the full winlink email address from him when he calls N7KJK (no ssid) something's working.

We are wondering why my messages show up on his end sometimes with SMTP reference (see image attached).

This is getting very very close.  It's going to be very helpful for volunteer event coming up next weekend.

On Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 8:44 AM Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

In your mail apps you address messages using p2p, telnet or ax.25
exactly the same way <some_call_sign> Do not change this
for p2p.

As I said before once messages are composed and existing in your outbox
directory /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox, you can send them using p2p
(nearby winlink machine), telnet (CMS) or ax.25 (winlink RMS
Gateway). The messages and how they are addressed are exactly the same
for all the different transports.

To send a message via p2p use wl2kax25 & drop the SSID from the call sign,
that's all there is to it. ie. wl2kax25 -c n7nix

Kevin K. - N7KJK <kkutzera@...> writes:

> OK so the reinstall fixed the PLUWEB.. Thanks..
> On the P2P Packet. My friend and I are now reliably handshaking, and
> it appears we're transferring messages. I'm sending to his plain call
> sign (no @domain) and he's sending to my call sign.  He reported the
> following information to me.

You are using an unqualified email address. If you did this using mutt
email client it would automatically append the winlink domain.

> **
> n7kjkpi.localnet says it could not deliver my message, msg "unknown user k7rmz@...
> **
> I am of course N7KJK. Not sure where that email address at the end of his report is coming from .
> In RainLoop I can't compose a message to him because it requires @domain in the email address.
> Claws lets me compose an email to the call sign. (all messages show up in the Sent items folder even before I try to send).

All the email apps require an @domain, specifically <some_callsign>

> Somehow while typing this reply, my friend sent me an email directly (no gateway) addressed to N7KJK@.....
> Not sure how that worked...

Did you receive it via internet or radio?

> I think something similar to the issue with my email address instead
> of pi@localhost. My system doesn't know what to do with a message
> addressed to N7KJK (no ssid, no domain, no @)

Correct, the address you use must be a valid email address,

> 73
> Kevin
> I can send whatever log segments might help . I'll just not sure which
> one's you want to see. I'll certainly update this thread if I find
> some interesting information.

Send me the file you are about to send from /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox.
Looking at that file I can tell you whether it has a chance of being
sent properly.

Exercise for you:
Compose a single message to k7rmz@... and copy it to a temporary directory.

Send it using: wl2ktelnet

Copy message from temporary directory to /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox
Send it using: wl2kax25 -c k7rmz-10

Copy message from tmp directory to /usr/local/var/wl2k/outbox
Make sure k7kmz is set to receive via p2p.
Send it using wl2kax25 -c k7kmz

Cut & paste the console output from those 3 transactions in a regular
email to me.

/Basil n7nix

Kevin J. Kutzera CISSP, CISM, CEH
Cell: 206-850-7762

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