Re: Point to Point (P2P) email transfer #draws

Basil Gunn

Kevin K. - N7KJK <> writes:

I think there in lies some of the confusion.
The receiving end isn't configured the same way.
You haven't said what the receiving end is. Since I'm assuming it's not
paclink-unix they need to follow their app requirements. paclink-unix
will receive whatever they send p2p addressed to email address and sent via your callsign no SSID.

They're not using a DRAWS . (not sure exactly what digital components
(physical and/or software) they're using.
It doesn't matter which TNC/sound card you use, paclink-unix is
independent of everything below the AX.25 socket interface.

He indicated that Packet P2P had to have the messages addressed to the call
sign - sans
Whatever app he is using will have different requirements than
paclink-unix that you are using ... unless he is using paclink-unix.
I have only tested p2p with Airmail & Winlink Express.

With this information we'll run some more tests.
since I'm receiving email with the full winlink email address from him when
he calls N7KJK (no ssid) something's working.
He needs to follow the requirements for his app.

We are wondering why my messages show up on his end sometimes with SMTP
reference (see image attached).
I don't know. Expand the columns so I can see all the information.

paclink-unix is SMTP compliant and uses postfix to set the required
email headers. The email that you compose with paclink-unix will be
accepted by any other SMTP compliant email system. Try CC'ing your gmail
account when sending messages either with wl2ktelnet or wl2kax25. For
p2p it only makes sense to have a single 'To:' destination address.

This is getting very very close. It's going to be very helpful for
volunteer event coming up next weekend.
What Winlink apps are other participants going to be using?
/Basil n7nix

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