Re: New Draws Case - RPi4 and RPi3

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ

Nice case and pictures!

Looking forward to the PowerPole addition.

On 8/9/2019 1:06 PM, Ryan W Leathers wrote:
I got one of these cases printed for my Pi3. I have not put the power pole connector in place yet - will do that later this evening when I have a soldering iron. There are nice details in this design, like the little ledge the SD card slides on when inserting and removing, the internal power pole connector slot, and the knock-out for the IO port.??

I only made a small change to the case. I removed the posts between the USB and Ethernet ports to provide a little more air flow for the Pi. In all,??I'm very happy with the fit and finish of this case. I think it will be perfect for my intended use of the Pi3 DRAWS, and as an added bonus the orange matches the shock case of my Android tablet which will be running VNC client to talk to the headless Pi.??

Thanks to Frank for the upload to Thingverse!

On Fri, Aug 2, 2019 at 9:07 PM Frank Ivan via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I have uploaded a new 3D printable DRAWS case to Thingiverse

This is a case for Raspberry Pi 3b or Raspberry Pi 4b + NWDR DRAWS hat with GPS port on side.
It is a modification of RPi3 DRAWS case by N0KZ.

SCAD file provided so you can help tune the design
STL files for both Raspberry Pi 3b or Raspberry Pi 4b - print your choice
Has a powerpole power port
Nice fit for DRAWS card
Rounded corners
Machine screws into card spacers hold case together

4 M2.5 x 8mm hex socket head machine screws (8mm does not include head)
4 M2.5 x 11mm female to female spacers
4 M2.5 x 25mm hex socket head machine screws

Clean out screw holes - 7/64 or 3mm bit does it nicely
Install Powerpole connector - maybe use a bit of thin double stick tape or super glue to hold in place
Install DRAWS card in lid. It's a close fit but should not be difficult
Push M2.5 x 25mm screws in holes and secure with spacers - finger tight
Plug Pi into DRAWS card - make sure it is aligned correctly and pins go into correct holes
Install base
Secure with the 4 M2.5 x 8mm screws
Tighten every thing up with allen wrench

The Raspberry Pi 4b runs hotter than the Raspberry Pi 3B so the next enhancement
should probably be a fan, perhaps sandwich a POE board with its fan between the
Pi and the DRAWS hat.

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