Re: Mirrors of Compass Linux image?

Stuart Longland VK4MSL

On 20/8/19 6:37 pm, Stuart Longland wrote:

The Internet connection at my workplace is a 50Mbps (both ways)
microwave link, and I started downloading at 12:00 (UTC+10)… as of 18:33
it is still going, with an alleged 100MB left to go and speed going up
and down like a yo-yo.

I'm guessing I just hit it on a bad day.  Are there other mirrors around
for these images?
Well, got it down, and now I see why it's 2.6GB in size… it's a
full-blown desktop image. I usually like to start with a minimal image
and add what I need rather than starting with a big image and having to
slim it down.

I might have a look at this and see if a smaller image can't be
produced… I think a more "compact" image would be a little easier to handle.

Not difficult to have a small image which just downloads "the
essentials", then asks some further questions to install the rest
(including a full-blown GUI if needed).

I might look into this as I'd like something built on the Buster release
of Debian rather than Debian Stretch as some of the software I'm writing
will require it (or rather, require Python 3.6+; Buster ships with 3.7,
Stretch with 3.5).

Stuart Longland (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)

I haven't lost my mind...'s backed up on a tape somewhere.

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