Re: ARDOP or software similar to WinLink (HF mail) #winlink


I'm not sure if it's included, but there is an open source implementation of ARDOP that can be compiled to run natively on the Pi. Check here:

Matthew N8OHU

On August 23, 2019 8:03:43 PM EDT, wa9pyh@... wrote:
Is anyone using the DRAWS Pi HAT for HF email that would be similar to ARDOP (part of WinLink) or WinMor (also part of WinLink) that both run under Windows?  I'm using an FT857D, a Pi 3B+, a DRAWS board, a 6 pin miniDIN cable(xmt & rcv audio) and a CT62 CAT cable.  The Pi is using the beta_13 image..  This setup runs JS8CALL, FLDIGI and WSJT_X properly.  I would like to add HF mail using the DRAWS board.  73

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