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Fred Meier <fsmeier@...>

Rob, you are contributing to the advances of mankind. Think of your purchase as an investment in progress.

I follow this conversation daily. I ordered mine in early Spring- as soon as presales were allowed. I ordered my metal case as soon as that was offered.

The Draws hat arrived in the mail. After postage, duties, taxes and a service fee to the letter carrier this cost nearly $200.00 Canadian at my door.

I have never seen the case.

After following this convoluted thread for months- I think I made the right decision to not open the package. Unfortunately it is much too late to return mine.

You can either be sad about your purchase, or you can go outside and mow the lawn if you have one. Your choice.

Cheers, Fred VE7FMN


From: <> On Behalf Of Rob Lapham
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2019 9:41 PM
Subject: Re: [draws and udrc] no transmit #wsjt-x


just did a rest on the radio and still no transmit powers and also don't see how it can be the radio if it works with other soundcards.
just tried the command again no joy I have also tried a new memory card and started over I have been at this for
about two months now. I have also tried the draws manager and turned the gain up to max and no transmit.

starting to think I made mistake buying this

rob k6jus


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