1k2 APRS via Satellite successful

K4KDR <scott23192@...>

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to share that I was able to get digipeated this morning via satellite "AISAT-1" as it passed over the U.S. East Coast.

With an FT-857d connected to the DRAWS & up/down freqs being controlled via CAT from GPredict, Direwolf served as the packet modem.  The "beacon" command that is part of ax25-tools allows you to send payload text of your choice from the Pi.  I just have a number of scripts as clickable icons containing the strings I want as properly formatted APRS "text", "position", & "message" type packets.  

Of course the UISS program on Windows is more capable, but sometimes we have to make compromises or do things differently on the Pi.

Here is a tweet with screen shots:


-Scott,  K4KDR


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