Re: no transmit #wsjt-x

Basil Gunn


Lets confirm that is working properly. Could you
please cut & paste the console output of all the commands below.

# Using o-scope check both left & right channels.

cd n7nix/deviation
./ -c left
./ -c right

# Verify gpio 7 is set to correct mode
gpio readall | grep -i "gpio. 7"


Rob Lapham <> writes:

well today I made a din brakeout cable to test the audio to the ft-817 with a o-scope and using
./ -c left there is no audio on pin 3 or any other pin. I tested with pin 6
connected and disconneted no difference. did the same test with a working sound card and wsjt-x
and have a good signal on the o-scope. what am I missing? Is there any other test I can do to the
hat. thanks

rob k6jus

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