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Stuart Longland VK4MSL

On 3/9/19 2:54 am, Chris - KC9AD wrote:
If it’s any encouragement, many of run our systems without a case initially. Getting it running is part of the fun. To me, it’s simply magical to attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to that tiny system and see it come to life. And Ethernet, and VNC! 73.
Well, I've got mine just sitting bare at the moment, haven't done a lot other than tested receive with the board due to lack of time.

My plan is to throw it into the top-box on a bicycle, it'll be interesting to see how the DIN-6 connectors fare with the vibration. It'll be doing APRS/AX.25 packet and voice relay via WiFi (either using something WebRTC-based or using mumble, we'll see).

I don't dare even try though without that little computer in a case to stop it getting dinged up, and it'll need to be substantial on the RF front as it'll have a HF antenna (with 100W pX TX power) and a VHF/UHF antenna (with 50W/20W pX TX power) within a 1m radius of the computer.

I understand the hold up is that the case is being re-designed to accommodate the Pi4; hopefully without reducing its utility to Pi2/3 users.

The questions in my mind are how many of those waiting for a case are actually wanting to use it with a Pi4, and how many cases of the older design were "in stock" at the time the decision to re-design the case was made?

I can only conclude that perhaps not many were in stock and the wheels of manufacturing hadn't yet started turning on a new batch.

Hopefully the re-design is a short process, otherwise maybe it'd be worth maybe just doing a production run of Pi2/3 cases in the mean time so that those of us with older stations can protect our investments from the elements.
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