Buster Image with DRAWS software

Frank Ivan

For those that want to just download an image for their DRAWS setup - here is an image that should work on Pi3 or Pi4 based on Buster.  It uses the DRAWS drivers that NW Digital submitted to the Raspbian source tree and now come with Raspbian.  So you should be able to update the software with the normal sudo apt update and sudo apt dist-upgrade.

Just download the file - it is a .xz and Etcher will flash it directly to the sd.  The account is the normal pi with the normal password of raspberry.  It should boot into the desktop.

You will want to expand the SD file system - just do a sudo rasp-config then go to option 8 - Advanced, add chose expand file system.

When you have booted the image with the DRAWS hat installed enter the command aplay -l. It should list the udrc soundcard.  If you have a newer board or if you are curious you can try commenting our the dtoverlay= line in the /boot/config.txt file and see if the soundcard still shows up.  If it does, you can leave the line commented out.

In any event - here you go - enjoy.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpap6fhkctqalxt/Buster-Draws-2019-09-01.xz?dl=0

73 - Frank - K0FEI

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