Re: [udrc] #draws Aluminum Case #draws

Mike Watkins <mike.watkins@...>

On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 9:54 AM Chris - KC9AD <c.doutre@...> wrote:

If it’s any encouragement, many of run our systems without a case initially. Getting it running is part of the fun. To me, it’s simply magical to attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to that tiny system and see it come to life. And Ethernet, and VNC! 73.

Likewise. After doing some work on RPi4 to confirm there were no issues on Buster (on either the RPi3 or RPi4), I've moved my DRAWS / udrc hat to an unused RPi3 sitting in a little box above a shelf mounted older Icom radio; it's now on the air full time as a local APRS digipeater and IGate and will soon have a second radio providing service to a secondary "low power" APRS device frequency in our area.

Yes, I'd love a case. One user here noted 3D printing one; that might be an option I'll pursue. In the meantime, the device is being used.

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