Re: Buster Image with DRAWS software

Ryan W Leathers

Perhaps this helps... from the rasp-config documentation 

Advanced Options

Expand Filesystem

If you have installed Raspbian using NOOBS, the filesystem will have been expanded automatically. There may be a rare occasion where this is not the case, e.g. if you have copied a smaller SD card onto a larger one. In this case, you should use this option to expand your installation to fill the whole SD card, giving you more space to use for files. You will need to reboot the Raspberry Pi to make this available. Note that there is no confirmation: selecting the option begins the partition expansion immediately.

On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 8:12 PM Edward Seeliger <eseeliger@...> wrote:
Good evening.
I downloaded this image this morning - Balena Etcher gives an error that there is no file system but allows it to be copied / loaded onto an SD card. I attempted to run it on an RPi 3B+ with DRAWS mounted on it but it does not boot - so Etcher is likely correct that it has no readable FS. My current image (v 4.14.98-v7+)  updated by N7NIX's process ( runs without errors.
Edd - KD5M

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