No audio detected (FLDIGI) #fldigi #audio #configuration #cat #cw

Michael Sharp

I am attempting to connect a Xiegu G90 to the DRAWS Hat. I am using a custom made cable from Ham Made Parts. Using my oscilloscope, I can definitely confirm that there is audio coming from the G90 through the custom cable. The cable will connect directly from the ACC port of the G90 to the DRAWS Hat Right Channel.

I am using the latest DRAWS image for Raspberry Pi 3, and I would like to use the DRAWS Hat with FLDIGI so I can send and receive CW. The problem I am having is that I don’t see any audio coming through to FLDIGI. Also, I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the configuration options in the Audio Mixer that the DRAWS Hat offers. Which inputs or outputs do I enable? Do I need to set the attenuators? How does the DRAWS Hat show up as a CAT control?

There certainly seems to be a lot of flexibility in this card to say the least. I’m sure that the problem is a configuration problem, possibly even needing Permissions or Group Access (?) from the Raspberry Pi OS.

Any help appreciated... Thanks in advance!


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