Re: minimum install to get the DRAWS gps working?


Please don't take this wrong but have you hooked up an antenna to the draw hat gps connector?

On Sun, Sep 8, 2019 at 8:16 AM Tom Early <n7tae@...> wrote:
I just received my DRAWS and at this point in time, I am only interested in getting the GPS working. (I'm developing a new ThumbDV app for D-Star Routing and linking and want to use the GPS to update the user and station positions to aprs.) I would rather not use Compass until I full understand what my program needs to use the DRAWS gps.

I found the wiki page on "Setup GPSD for Time and Position" and am wondering about the statement "Ensure that the device tree and driver have been installed". How do I do that with resorting to Compass? I installed gpsd etc, and I see /dev/ttySC0 and /tty/pps on my system and systemctl reports that gpsd is running, but gpsmon is showing all zeros.


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