Re: Setting Up PAT with the #draws

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ


Thank you. I do not know enough about networking to know I could actually do that.

Regards, Ed

On 9/14/2019 4:56 PM, Basil Gunn wrote:

IP address is a "special IP address" for defining an unknown or
invalid target OR all IPV4 addresses on all interfaces on the local

Why don't you use some non-routable address from address
space, ie.

/Basil n7nix

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ via Groups.Io <> writes:


Do you have any suggestions on the IP Address for PAT with the DRAWS.

When I enter I get an error when starting PAT (address already
in use).

When I enter in the browser, I am given the DRAWS Manager
web interface page when is used in the config.

The same results are received when I use localhost in the config
(address already in use and same web page).

I am connected directly to the Pi as I would be in the field (upcoming



On 8/25/2019 7:04 AM, km4ack wrote:
I have ARDOP setup and running with Pat on the DRAWS hat using beta
13. I've made a video tutorial, but need to edit before posting. It
will release on my YouTube channel <>
Tuesday Aug 27 at 1600 central.

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