Re: Setting Up AARDOP with the #draws


Hey Ed!

I believe you're referring to the excellent YouTube videos from KM4ACK.

I can't speak to what might have already been installed on the DRAWS Compass image in regard to ARDOP... all I did was follow the steps in the KM4ACK videos for both ax25 & ARDOP and both methods are working perfectly for me. (I am also using the DRAWS SD Card image but followed the KM4ACK steps to get those 2 PAT protocols configured & working)

-Scott, K4KDR


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Subject: [draws and udrc] Setting Up AARDOP with the #DRAWS

As a followup to setting up PAT with the DRAWS....

Is the ARDOP install that comes with teh DRAWS Compass package
"installed" and available to PAT once PAT is installed?

I ask because I see ARDOP available in the drop down of PAT.

If not, what does it take to active the ARDOP install in Compass so PAT
would see it without installing it again (using K4KDR instructional
video, for example)?



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