Re: Setting Up AARDOP with the #draws

Basil Gunn

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ via Groups.Io <> writes:

As a followup to setting up PAT with the DRAWS....

Is the ARDOP install that comes with teh DRAWS Compass package
"installed" and available to PAT once PAT is installed?
DRAWS Compass refers to the current and now deprecated image.
That image does not have piardopc installed.
The next image most likely will since I am working with paclink-unix &
ardop on the RPi.

I ask because I see ARDOP available in the drop down of PAT.

If not, what does it take to active the ARDOP install in Compass so PAT
would see it without installing it again (using K4KDR instructional
video, for example)?
John Wiseman's documentation is excellent and I had no problems getting
it to work with UDRC or DRAWS on an RPi.

Below are my brief notes for using an UDRC II. The only thing to be
aware of for the DRAWS hat is the gpio setting for left or right mDin6

Command line used to start piardopc

./piardopc 8515 plughw:1,0 plughw:1,0 -p GPIO=23

Added this to .asoundrc
ref: ARDOPC.txt

pcm.ARDOP {
type rate
slave {
pcm "hw:1,0"
rate 12000


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