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Konrad Roeder -- WA4OSH

I'm interested in using DRAWS to drive my FT-818ND for digital applications up in the microwave bands Eg. 904, 1296, 2304 MHz, etc (FT8, JS8CALL, etc) as well as a precise frequency reference for my LO.  I understand that a DRAWS has a GPS on board with a 1pps reference for NTP.  Is that 1PPS signal available for a frequency reference so that it can be used as a GPSDO with some additional parts?  I'm currently using a Leo Bodnar Mini Precision GPS Reference clock to generate very stable reference frequencies between 400Hz and 810MHz.  Eg.  1296 MHz = 2x576MHz + 144 MHz.   A stable LO is essential for working up on the microwave bands.  I just don't want two GPSs in my transverter.


--Konrad, WA4OSH




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