moderated Re: Early Adopter case???

Steve, N9VW

I'd be plenty happy with 2 of the original unmodified cases if you happen to have any left.

73 de Steve, N9VW

On 9/22/2019 7:31 AM, Bryan Hoyer wrote:
Hi August,

Last Month I sent hacked up cases and Pi 3 and 4 to the manufacturer in China via USPS where they were stuck in Customs for a month then disappeared. We have sent another batch via a different carrier. I’ll post an update once I confirm they have made it to the manufacturer.

John Hays is at DCC in Detroit and it occurs to me that I first talked about cases a year ago at DCC in Albuquerque. I am keenly aware of the delay in production.

Bryan K7UDR

On Sep 21, 2019, at 6:02 PM, August Johnson <augjohnson@...> wrote:

I'm going to ask again about the early adopter aluminum case. I know you'll just say "Refer to the Blog" but since the last entry on the blog about the case is June 5, I think it's about time for this to be addressed. And just saying "You're free to cancel your order" is avoiding answering the question. WHEN can us early adopters expect to receive the cases we ordered??? I ordered this case many months ago!

August Johnson KG7BZ

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